September 5, 2009

C G Gallery

Dark Figures and Ridiculous Creatures are not the only themes living in my paintings. I also paint Still-Lifes. No, really. I do!! Of course, being me, they end up looking just like the other paintings...  

These Still-Lifes are now on sale in the CG Gallery in Princeton, NJ. 

C G Gallery

10 Chambers St
PrincetonNJ 08542-3708

(609) 683-1988


Vicki Chen said...

you should totally try to display your pictures @ small world. like seriously. there are so many ppl who go there and look at the paintings and buy them. =)

DowJones said...

stumbled on your blog...haha (It was in my newsfeed on facebook) post more fotos of your work! I'm in Victoria, BC right now so I can't really check in on the stuff...long time no see!


Constanza said...

1) I totally agree with Chen. Do it.
2) I am also totally going this weekend.


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