January 11, 2010

Society of Illustrators - News

1. The Annual Show @ the Society of Illustrators has opened last week. The Sequential section of the Illustrators 52 is up on the walls. For all interested in illustration, this is a must-see!!

2. Illustrators 51 is out!! It can be purchased in the SI shop and on the web.

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axel#13 said...

Hey Kristina, how's it going? I would like to say "Thank You" for being so cool with Maxine, Wendy and myself this past Saturday at the gallery so we can view the Norma Rockwell piece up stairs in the bar. I sent you an email earlier but it seems it did not go through.
So far the work that you have put up in this blog and for the intro page to your site, looks great. I'm looking forward in seeing more.
Hopefully, I'll get a chance to swing by the gallery again to check out the rest of pieces before I head out to L.A. Take care.


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